Cueloop offers broad expertise in the event and show technology domain and sits comfortably in the intersection between design and implementation.

We are known for driving the digitalisation of physical events forward, utilizing the ever expanding capabilities of the connected world. We have a deep understanding of IT and software development and how it plays an ever expanding role in the Audio and Video domains.

With reasearch and development in our DNA, we are allways on the lookout for new and better ways to solve problems and increase quality and efficiency.

We have a solid base in the Stockholm metropolitan area, with a mature network of branch colleages, suppliers and agencies.

Entering the covid-19 pandemic with expertise in streaming events and web technologies prooved to be a super power during those challenging times. We played a key role in the process of taking a major player in the industry from a large event rental company to a premium digital events provider with multiple studio areas and has since sucessfully produced hundreds of broadcasts and hybrid events together.

Anders Ödman